So, I consider myself a bit of a jean connoisseur, yet I am still on the search for the perfect jean. I can tell you that I have spent thousands of dollars purchasing many pairs of jeans. Some I purchased for the style and others I purchased because they were the in-thing. Don’t get me wrong, I have found some that were very comfortable and that I wear all the time but others—Not so much.

Since having my son my jeans have somehow disappeared and now it’s time for new ones (that’s always exciting).  In this blog I will give jean reviews on brands and styles that I have purchased. I will let you know what worked well for me and what did not. I will also be enlisting the help of family members, who have different body types, or are crazy about a pair that they have purchased.

This site will not be solely reviews but we will talk about what denim celebrities wore and compare the fit of that jean on  a different celebrity. I will also be featuring a style corner every now and then… It will give tips on how to match jeans with different accessories to make different looks. Lastly we will have a design on a dime section that will feature cute inexpensive denim looks and different sales that might be approaching.

I want to hear your feedback…

Thanks for visiting, I hope to help you find “A Perfect Jean”