Jeans trousers stack

1. Washing machines are rough! They wear and tear your jeans way more than you do in a day. The hold up to 20-40 gallons of water which puts a lot of pressure and weight on your jeans.

2. Most premium denim jeans are designed to be your jean…after so many wears they are YOUR jean  they  are meant to fit you. Washing premium denim could destroy the way the jean fits

3. Denim color fades quicker than other garments

4. Spot cleaning denim can be just as effective as sticking it in the washing machine

5. There is no good washing machine setting for denim

Of course there are times when you have to wash your jeans, make sure that you put your jeans on a gentle setting, turn them inside out and have at it. Make sure you line dry your denim because the dryer can be a lot more harmful than the actual washing machine.