Is it enough to get a denim car or nah? Earlier this year Volkswagen released a sneak preview of a car that will be hitting the streets — Well brace yourself, the denim convertible… Yes a denim car (partly denim) is now in production and will be here 2016. So this car has the soft top cover that is made to look denim, the color of the car is shown in a grayish blue, also made to resemble denim. This is the best part– The interior is indeed denim, just in case you were not expecting it.  I mean there is denim-esque stitching, back pockets, and  red Levi-ish tags, VW they went all out. I don’t know that I would buy this car because it is a DENIM car after all, however if it was delivered to me free of charge I would for sure cruise around in it.

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