I had legit given up on Seven Jeans. All hope was lost for them in my eyes, that is until I walked into Saks and the lady there was adamant that I try these jeans. I have worn them so much that my baby sister just assumes all my other jeans are filthy and need to be washed. I love this jean, I wore it a while before I did a review on it because I knew that I would hate it. Well, I didn’t….. it’s actually perfect!

I am no boyfriend fit wearer… I decided to do something different because I am trying to step out of the box. So I put my skinnies to the side and did this feminine boyfriend fit. This isn’t the traditional baggy boyfriend, it accents feminine curves but doesn’t hug too tightly.

This is a soft yet durable denim, its really good with a cute heel or sneaker. I love it mostly because it is kid friendly. When I am in my skinnies I always have to pay attention to the jean slipping down, this jean is perfect it stays put when I am trying to keep up with the kid (he’s a handful). This is the perfect mom jean without being a mom jean.

Just an FYI: I did buy them a size bigger because I still wanted some of the effects of a boyfriend



The price point of this jean is 189.00. I got mine from Saks Fifth Ave


Till next time, Review ya lata’