ODO Denim has supposedly developed the world’s first self-cleaning jean. This denim is said to repel stains including red wine and coffee. The jean claims to remain fresh and sharp without washing. Now, I know I previously mentioned that I rarely wash my jeans, so I must clear things up: In rarely washing my jean I mean once a month or so.  With that being said, I definitely wouldn’t mind testing this denim out, however, I would like to know how the jean holds up in the wash being that most of us wash our denim more than once a year.

The jean is said to be made with a denim fabric that is woven with silver which shields the jean from sweat, juice, and other substances that may come in contact with the jean wearer. This brand is so confident in their product that they give customers a guarantee that if the jeans hold an odor or stain within a year’s time they will send the customer a new pair.

SOOO show of hands: Who is ready to stop washing their jeans for a year?

Count me out! However I will definitely look in to purchasing these jeans once they become available in stores, I will just wash mine monthly.

FYI: IF you submit a donation of over $90.00 via kickstarter to ODO Denim, you can pre-order your jeans today. Otherwise, the denim will be available in stores for $130.00