I told you I would have things for guys! My first guest blogger came to review his favorite pair of PRPS jeans. Here ya go:

There is a wardrobe curator in Nordstrom, St. Louis Galleria, named James Kimbro. On assignment to direct me to a refined, “full Saturday” denim, he delivered a deep indigo, PRPS “Demon Fit” jean.

Before trying them on, I was sold on the high density and rich indigo laced with a peanut butter hue stitch. The selvedge hem, “carpenter’s pencil” pockets and lux leather waist patch, reaffirm the jeans active nature while remaining tastefully subdued.

Selecting the ideal jean is like choosing your wand from Ollivanders, you know it when you feel it (word to Harry Potter). The moment you step into PRPS  “Demon Fit” jeans you’ll know they are “the one.” The denim fits close without constricting, allowing easy entrance into all 5 pockets. The length (a 32 in my case) is measured generously, promoting the user to cuff and re-cuff for a classically inspired look and feel. The denim is weighted but not heavy, lending itself to year round utility.

The “Demon Fit” is straight through and through, and allows us to pair them with looks of various formality. Their simplistic elegance by design, will blend well with a  tweed blazer and cognac monk straps, while complimenting the relaxed look of vintage Air Max and a crew neck.

Heavy and repeated usage is highly recommended for this grade of denim, and to do so will be a pleasure. A secure waist fit compliments  a tucked in shirt and allows items to be carried in the waistband with maximum security. Spot cleaning is strongly recommended over washing and dry cleaning is encouraged with discretion.

For the minimalist and essentialist of heart, the PRPS indigo “Denim Fit” comes high recommended. Their ability to blend seasonal and trending looks makes them a non-negotiable purchase

J. Conrad



FYI: PRPS jeans can range from $225-800

The Demon cut ranges from 225-425