So this is definitely a milestone for me and I am so honored to be nominated! With that let me tell you what is happening:

This is something completely unrelated to denim… The Liebster Award… AHHHH!

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by the fabulous Roxy at Royalty in Reality. She is a lifestyle blogger that “lives like a princess… on a peasant’s budget!” She is a fashion forward blogger that gives advice on dating, shopping, and living life fashionably. She and her blog are so dope and I greatly appreciate this nomination from her! Make sure you check her out and follow!

Being that I am new to the blogging community, I was kind of out of loop as to what this award is so I did some research. This what I have come up with: The Liebster award is an award given to bloggers from their peers (other bloggers), which is why it is so special. The award only exists on the internet and it serves as a great networking tools with other bloggers and with those that may fit into a blog’s niche. Needless to say, this is a great honor for me and I am super excited about it, so again thank you Roxy!

The rules of the award are as follows: I am to acknowledge the person who nominated me… I need to post the award within a blog post, answer the questions that have been given to me by Roxy, and create my own set of questions. I will then select new bloggers and leave them with the questions that I have come up with.

So, lets get this party started, here are the questions that Roxy asked me along with my answers:

  • What’s your favorite television show?
    • My favorite TV show is definitely New Girl, I’m completely obsessed with it, even when the show is in the off season I watch it on Netflix in random order like show reruns (I’m a nerd).
  • Married, dating, or single?
    • I am married, and he is fine, and I am crazy about him!
  • Why did you start blogging?
    • I love writing, but never had anything to write about. I developed my obsession with denim very young but wasn’t able to indulge until I got to college and got a semi-big girl job. After I had my kid, somehow all of my denim disappeared so I began doing research on new denim brands, and saw there was a bit of a void in the area. So on a whim I decided that I would take a swing at it, and I never thought I would love it as much as I do, but I reeeeeaaaally like it.
  • Which is your favorite season? Why?
    • I have two. The first is fall because it is the perfect season for riding boots, skinny jeans, and monogram vest (I told you I was a nerd). The reason it is not solely my favorite is because fall and winter here in St Louis sometime blend together and the weather is gross. The second season is summer. I love the summer because everyone comes out of their cocoons and it is a great season for hanging out with family… Summer also makes way for great denim releases ;).
  • If you could move to anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    • I think it would be Africa, all the pictures that I have seen from my friends that live there or that are from are very gorgeous
  • If you could change one thing about the world, what would you change?
    • If I could change one thing about the world, it would be the senseless violence. I think everyone could agree that it is out of control.
  • What’s your biggest pet peeve?
    • My biggest pet peeve is hearing people chew anything but especially ice and chips I googled it and according to BuzzFeed I’m not alone, everyone hates it so chew quietly.
  • What’s your favorite physical feature on the opposite sex?
    • Hmmmm I love to look at my husband’s lips they are my fave!
  • What’s your favorite thing to cook?
    • Chicken Alfredo, I make the sauce from scratch (bomb).
  • If you had to give one piece of advice to someone in the “I think I want to start a blog” phase, what would it be?
    • Go for it, especially for a topic that you are passionate about! The only thing that can happen is that you dislike it and go back to your regularly scheduled program… your life.
  • Other than your own, what’s your favorite blog?
    • Of course I am obsessed with royalty in reality but I also have become completely enthralled in this blog:

Now it is my turn! I would like to nominate the following new blogs for the Liebster Award:


With that, here are the 11 questions that I pose to the aforementioned bloggers.

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What do you do when you when you are not blogging?
  3. What is your favorite blog?
  4. What is your favorite book?
  5. What is your dream job?
  6. If your life were a movie what would it be and why
  7. What is your favorite dessert?
  8. What three beauty products can’t you live without?
  9. How do you handle a stressful day?
  10. Who are you inspired by?
  11. What advise would you give to someone interested in blogging?