You all know how excited about the ASAP x Guess line I was, so I made sure that I placed an order as soon as the line dropped. I ordered the overalls and was super excited about their arrival.  By no means am I an “overall wearer” but I decided that because I loved the color of the denim, the cut of the jean, and more than anything the vintage logo on the bib part of the overalls they would be mine. From these things alone, I was sold. This is what I was looking to see:

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.48.42 PMI purchased the jeans and received them a few days later and was super excited about them… that is, until I opened the freaking box. Each moment of opening the box was more exciting than the next I literally jumped for joy the entire time. I can remember looking at every part of the jean thinking that they were exactly what I imagined. And then it happened:

That’s right… absolutely nothing happened. This was a huge let down and these overalls are on their way back to Guess. I wanted Guess to win so badly but they did the complete opposite… This was a huge fail. This is also my first bad review and I am a little sad that it had to go down this way.