My first kid’s review… How exciting right?

I purchased a pair of Hudson jeans for my bambino and of course he couldn’t care less of how they fit but I like them and so I decided to do a review on the jean.

The Jean:

The jean that I will be reviewing this week is a toddler boy’s jean by Hudson. The name of the jean is Blue Crush Jagger Pant.

Lets talk about the feel of the jean:

The jean seems to be light weight, it is a denim that can be worn in all four seasons and can be worn multiple ways to match the season.

How does it fit:

Because this jean is for a four year old and he can tell me how the jean fits but is napping at at the time, I will give insight on the fit from my point of view. When I purchased the jean, I bought a larger size so that he could grow into it. The jean is meant to be a skinny jean and it actually fits perfect so the jean runs a bit smaller. I had to do some adjusting in the waste but the length of the pant fits well, and the slimness through the rest of the jean is perfect as well.

How did he wear it:

I was able to mix this jean with a variety styles for the kid. I was able to pair the jean with a nice thermal shirt from gap with a  pair of sneakers. I also did a nice button down with a tan loafer, and lastly I did a casual boot with a  sweater. This jean is also versatile while it cannot be dressed up much, it is very good for casual day or play dates.

Where did I get them, and how much were they:

I purchased these jean from, which means I don’t have anyone to refer you to. The jean was $29.97. While this jean is no longer available on HauteLook, however, I did find one comparable on Hudson’s website.

My overall thoughts on the jean:

This was my first time purchasing this brand for my son and I think the jean is fairly durable and I would purchase them again if I had to. I really like this jean because it has given me an option for him outside of the Gap. Because I always purchase jeans for him from the Gap, I was a little hesitant when I  began to look elsewhere. I purchased these because I decided it wouldn’t be much of a loss if I hated them because they were $30ish. Because I do like these jeans, it gives me hope that I may have found another good affordable pair of jeans for my bambino.

Have you tried Hudson jeans for your kids? If so which style? Lastly, what denim do you put your kid in? Let me know I am looking for good brands for kids.

Until Next Review,