How Much do you Love Denim??

Is it enough to get a denim car or nah? Earlier this year Volkswagen released a sneak preview of a car that will be hitting the streets — Well brace yourself, the denim convertible… Yes a denim car (partly denim) is now in production and will be here 2016. So this car has the soft top cover that is made to look denim, the color of the car is shown in a grayish blue, also made to resemble denim. This is the best part– The interior is indeed denim, just in case you were not expecting it.  I mean there is denim-esque stitching, back pockets, and  red Levi-ish tags, VW they went all out. I don’t know that I would buy this car because it is a DENIM car after all, however if it was delivered to me free of charge I would for sure cruise around in it.

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Denim Nation is Happening at Saks

Saks is slowly but surely becoming my one stop denim shop. Not only do they have a large selection of quality denim in multiple styles, but I’m always able to get the attention that every first born child needs. The brands and services are amazing. Go shop there for your denim needs this fall! Also stay tuned for the fit guide I’m working on something good!!

Look who I Found on 3×1’s website

victor cruz

Apparently Victor Cruz has a line with 3×1 Denim… I’m definitely here for this line! It is a bit on the expensive side but it is premium denim and with dope pieces. I put a few pics below, but check out the website, there is some nice stuff.


Fashion Finds: Raw Denim Cuts and Culottes

Raw Denim Cuts… A trend that I have always and will forever love.

These can come in everything from a skinny to a boyfriend fit (Speaking of which I think I will talk about fits and body type in the next post). The raw denim cuts have been implemented in all styles… Nice, right? So not only can the skinny-leg-jean girls wear these but  they come in boyfriend fits, straight legs and even wide legs.  I’m absolutely obsessed with this trend.

I would rock these with a cute super high heel or sporty flats… This pant can legit be glam or grunge… you choose, either way works.

Boy friend Joe’s Jeans

raw cut denim

Skinny Joe’s Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans Joe’s Jean

The not so new but still bomb trend is back!!

Culottes? Who would have thought?

I love them… I am not a Capri type of girl but these culottes hold a special place in my heart… They definitely aren’t for everyone so I understand if you don’t really see it for these. But how could you not?!?! This 80’s trend is making a comeback expect to see it through 2016.

How would I wear it you ask? Well, a nice fitted shirt and a strappy heel would make this look EVERYTHING. Once I own a pair I will definitely review them.
Seven for All Mankind
Seven for All Mankind


5 Reasons why I rarely, and I mean rarely, wash my jeans

 Jeans trousers stack

1. Washing machines are rough! They wear and tear your jeans way more than you do in a day. The hold up to 20-40 gallons of water which puts a lot of pressure and weight on your jeans.

2. Most premium denim jeans are designed to be your jean…after so many wears they are YOUR jean  they  are meant to fit you. Washing premium denim could destroy the way the jean fits

3. Denim color fades quicker than other garments

4. Spot cleaning denim can be just as effective as sticking it in the washing machine

5. There is no good washing machine setting for denim

Of course there are times when you have to wash your jeans, make sure that you put your jeans on a gentle setting, turn them inside out and have at it. Make sure you line dry your denim because the dryer can be a lot more harmful than the actual washing machine.


Welcome to my blog!


jeans and heels


So as you may have guessed I have a mild obsession with jeans. I always find my self searching for the perfect one, with the perfect fit, and the perfect color, to make the perfect occasion. This section of the blog will highlight perfect denim through weekly articles or pieces  that I have ran in to. Here you will also see current trends, different styles that I have been eyeing, and new or emerging brands and styles.

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