I have been putting off creating this post for a while, I even got the pics for this post done before the post was created, its not because I don’t love the jean (I absolutely love the jeans), it’s because I don’t want this review to sound like all the others. But as I decided to sit down and write it in the same jeans that I am reviewing, I immediately became aware of this jean being my everything jean. So let’s talk about the jean!

The Jean:

The jean that I will be reviewing this week is a women’s jean by DL1961– ‘Florence’ Instasculpt Skinny Jeans (Seymour).

Lets talk about the feel of the jean:

The jean is super light with a bit of stretch to it. The jean may be more suitable for the warmer seasons as it does have larger distressed holes on the leg.

How does it fit:

This is a skinny jean and it is just right (point, blank, period).  The jean is also true to size. It is a stretch skinny with a mid-rise. While it is a little long, I loved the look of the cuffed skinny with a red Chuck Taylor and super cute wedge (shown in the photos).

How did I wear it:

I was able to wear this jeans multiple ways. Currently, I am wearing them with a pair of open toe flat sandals. I also wore these jeans with light weight sneakers, chunky heels, skinny heels, and wedges. This jean can also be dressed up or dressed down, I wore this jean to the park with Carter and on a date with the hubby, and it worked both ways. The jeans never lost their fit throughout the day and began to gain their own personality after a few wears.

Where did I get them, and how much were they:

I purchased these jean from Nordstrom.com, without any help from a sales associate, of course.  The jean was 178.00 and is still available on Nordstrom’s website.

My overall thoughts on the jean:

This was my first time purchasing this brand  and I will definitely be back to purchase more from this brand. I really like this jean because as the title suggests, this jean is the jean for everything! I can literally go from play date to romantic date with this pant. As I tried to think of the up and downs, I can’t think of many downs for this jean. The one that I can pinpoint is that hole on the knee continued to expand after my first or second wear.  That is literally  it, however, it was expected because it is a hole on the knee. Because I do love this jean, I will definitely be shopping with DL1961 again.

Have you tried any of DL1961 fits if so what do you think?

Until Next Review,