Let me start of by saying that I absolutely love this jean. Personally, I love a good, comfortable ankle-skinny and this jean couldn’t be more perfect. This is definitely the girly-girls jean, It looks great with a short bootie heel, a sleek pump, or sneakers. Occasionally, us girls tend to have off dress days, if you have this jean available off days are not a thing.

Let’s talk maintenance: Since this is my first post I will tell you my stance on washing all denim not just this one: I rarely do it…. Like rarely… it’s a waste of time and money (my opinion). Washing denim is way more harsh on your jeans than the daily wear and tear, however, I will post about washing jeans later.

This particular denim I did wash when I first bought it, because I cringe at the though of someone trying the jean on before  I did, but it has not seen a washer since. Because the denim is so soft and it has so much stretch I fear that the washer/dryer (the biggest no, no) would cause more harm than it would help.

Anyway go buy this jean, it is EVERYTHING a girl could ask for!

Price Point: 150.00-175.00

Purchased from: Saks Fifth

Cut: Skinny

Front View


Side View
Always a good time for a Selfie!
Always a good time for a Selfie
PHOTO CRED: Sum Product Media

Till next time, Review ya lata