About a week or two ago I told you about Guess coming out with a line featuring styles inspired by A$AP Rocky. I mentioned that this is something that Guess could pull off if it is done correctly, and Guess hit this one out of the park! I mean, I am completely obsessed. I am even more impressed that they will be introducing a women’s line as well.  The line is very ’90s  Guess and it is so dope.

Because the line will not completely drop until tomorrow we won’t be able to see everything that will be available but so far I am in love. The overalls and the stone washes (and I am not a stone wash fan) hit the nail on the head. The men’s selvedge denim is a perfect match with the color block long sleeve tee.

What I like more than the overalls (and I looooove the overalls) is the vintage logo. The fact that they put the old school logo on the clothes brings your fave 90’s pieces back into circulation and available with out the smell of basement storage.

This is definitely something you should be checking out tomorrow! But in the mean time look at some of the pieces that are currently available and tell me what your favorite is.